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What Motivates You?

I’m not sure about you but I constantly find myself going through a refining. It’s as if my heart starts spiritually spazzing out. It’s as if I’m being gently prompted to examine my heart and my motives. And it’s in those times that I ask myself one simple question: What is motivating you right now?

As often as I find myself motivated by hope, just as easily I find myself being motivated by fear. Sometimes it’s a yearning to learn more and other times it’s a desire to gain more; to serve and, more often, be the one who is served. But something inside tells me I’m not alone.

So, during one of my spazzmatic moments, I decided to step further and ask this question to my Twitter and Facebook friends: What motivates you?

Matt Messner, a pastor at Eastside Church in Bothell, Washington was the first to respond. “I am motivated,” Messner wrote, “by a compelling vision, felt needs and spiritual convictions.” Beautifully put I thought.

Professional Minnesota photographer, Shelley Paulson, chimed in and wrote, “A passion for excellence and a desire to help others.”

Within the first few responses I started noticing a trend. Most people, it seems, are motivated by the success of others above themselves.

Jason Boyett, author of the famed Pocket Guide books, talked how his family was a source of his motivation. “Providing for them,” he wrote, “being available for them, being healthy for them.”

Robert Chapman, technical communicator and known opinionist, took it one step further and commented on the thing that most de-motivates him: “When I’m not able to use my skills, knowledge, and abilities to work on a solution.”

It’s encouraging that I’m not the only one who is stirred by a motivation that isn’t always self-serving. Hopefully, in those spiritually spazzmatic times, I can recognize that the Spirit is strong at work and may I always follow that questioning in my heart. What about you? What is motivating you right now?


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