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An Interview with Peter Rodger

We set off to interview Peter Rodger, world-renowned photographer and director of the new documentary Oh My God. An interesting look at the question “What is God?” Take a seat and listen as Peter explains his vision for the film and shares interesting insights you won’t get anywhere else.

To find out more about Peter and his new film, Oh My God, check out the website at www.omgmovie.com.

We also invite you to the opening of the film in Portland, Oregon on Friday, December 11th at the Fox Tower 10. After the 7:10pm showing, Rethink will host an opwn interfaith discussion based on the question, What is God? Join us. For more information on the theater and to order tickets, click here.


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An Interview with Jason Boyett

Two of the Rethink Podcasters, Anthony and Randy, interview author Jason Boyett about his latest books; Pocket Guide to Sainthood, Pocket Guide to the Afterlife, and Pocket Guide to the Bible. Find about out Jason’s inspiration behind the books in this special Rethink Podcast.

Check out Jason Boyett on his blog or on Twitter.

Download the podcast here, listen online or check us out on iTunes.

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A Chick With A Mission

Recently we sat down with Becca Wells, the founder and brains behind an all new podcast that’s all things girl. She’s a little wild and crazy, but we like her because she makes you think.

Take us back a few years and tell how your journey with Christ began.

I can’t complain about growing up. I am the middle of three girls born to loving, Christian parents. I have a slight recollection of accepting Christ as my Savior when I was four. I was a good kid. I knew the right answers. I knew that God loved me and I loved Him. Was I seeking, hungry, growing? Not until the summer before my senior year in high school. I went on a mission trip with Royal Servants. For three months we traveled in Europe performing a drama and evangelizing to perfect strangers. I couldn’t fake what I believed for that long. Louie, my leader, pulled me aside one evening and we had a very engaging conversation. He asked me if I were to die tonight and God was standing there asking why He should let me into Heaven, what would I say? That did it. I truly didn’t know. Instantly I was in tears and thus began my journey with Christ.

Yeah, He seems to be good at capturing our hearts. So tell me, how did the crazy idea for ChickChat come about anyway?

It was always my intent to be a stay-at-home mom when I had kids. I worked up until the day before I had Melia. Suddenly, I was home alone with this amazing little baby who ate, cried, and pooped a lot. I realized then and there what a relational being I am. I love connecting and interacting with other people. I was almost completely house-bound those first few months tending to this little human and I was struggling. I felt so alone. My poor husband probably wondered what happened to his wife. Nobody knew exactly how I felt.

Nobody could walk my road for me. It was my journey to figure out. I remember thinking “I wonder how many other women could be experiencing this type of intense loneliness in their lives?” With my heart for young ladies and my empathetic situation, I believe was the perfect recipe for Christ to give me this vision. I didn’t know how, where, or who else…but the dream was alive.

And how did you take this dream and make it a reality?

Let me remind you that Melia was a newborn when this idea first hit and she is now four years old. It’s been a process. I’ve gone through a lot of self doubt, soul searching, praying, and dreaming what this ministry would look like. I had worked with Erik (Williams) in the past and I knew if anyone could help me pull off this idea, it was him. We began meeting periodically where we brainstormed and planned what this ministry would look like. We went forward with it and started recording a few sessions. Bex (Mann) is a friend that helped record our first session of ChickChat. The three of us…it was such a great dynamic. We asked her to join the team and thus a wonderful partnership emerged.

Talk more about the mission of ChickChat. What is it? Why is it?

ChickChat is a website ministry where you’ll find thirty minute podcasts on topics that have to do with women. Our tag line is “An open and honest discussion all things girl.” Really, no topic is off limits. Most podcasts you’ll find the ChickChat team interviewing guest speakers who share with us on a certain topic. For example, we may bring in a doctor, an esthetician, or dietician to talk about personal wellness and how to feel our absolute best when it comes to health and skin.

We also interview every-day women who have wisdom to share. Maybe they themselves have been through a difficult time and want to encourage others who face similar situations. The sky’s the limit… Another cool feature is that the listener will be able to email us questions, comments, suggestions for future podcasts that they are interested in or concerned about.

The mission of ChickChat is simple: explore, expand, and equip. Explore what’s out there. Like new experiences, friendships, people, and questions. Expand ways of thinking in regards to perspective, choices, comfort zones, relationships with people, and faith in God. The ultimate goal being to equip yourself with knowledge. My hope is to encourage and empower all women. And have fun! I want to have a good time.

What motivates you to start something real (and candid) like this ministry?

Jesus Christ’s love. My two little baby chicks here at home inspire and motivate me too. I want them to see themselves as Jesus sees them and live big for Him. I really desire this for all chicks.

You’ve felt a call to minister to women and teen girls for quite some time. Is that passion the driving force behind this new ministry?

Absolutely. This ministry is by chicks for chicks. I am so energized by fellow women talking about what they know and their experience in life. ChickChat is something positive that challenges and offers hope all the while interacting on very relatable ground. It is very exciting to me and I’m extremely passionate about our mission.

There was a point for me where I knew this was something I had to do. Back when I was a youth pastor and before the dream of ChickChat had hit, a girl had written me a letter. She had gone through a hard time in her life and had dealt with an addiction. She felt led to tell me about her tough journey, and how she was dealing with this pain in her life. Fast forward to about a year ago, I came across this letter that I didn’t realize I had kept. I was blown away because in this letter my friend specifically said she felt called to tell other girls about her experience but didn’t know how. That was it. I realized it wasn’t about me. It’s always been about God. He was inviting me to be a part of this opportunity. I knew this was something that I had to pursue.

I guess we’d call you adventurous. Working with teenagers can be pretty crazy. Is that the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

I’d have to say that marriage was the craziest thing I’ve ever done! NO, I’m Just kidding! Adventurously speaking, I quit my job once and backpacked across Europe for four months. I ended up staying at L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland for a bit. Fabulous – I highly recommend that place.

We promise we won’t show this interview to your husband! So, is this targeted to teenage girls or is there a specific age range of women you’re trying to reach?

Not necessarily. To me all women are chicks, girls at heart. We’re going to focus on a quality, fun, insightful podcast and let chicks decide if it’s for them or not.

How do you see ChickChat evolving over the next couple of years?

I have been so focused and determined on getting ChickChat up and going. It has been fun and my dreams are expanding for the future of this ministry. I do have some big dreams in mind. But for now, I want to focus on making this current program sharp where women can relate and connect.

Ok, lastly, give us five words that describe yourself.

Honest, friendly, loyal, hard-working, & responsible. Oh – that sounds boring. Let me try that again. Crazy, wild, out-of-the-box, funny, & loud. I like those five words better.

Becca Wells is a thirty year old, mother of two girls – Melia (4) and Kylie (1) – whose been married to the same, wonderful guy (Josh) for almost six years. She graduated from Seattle Pacific University where she majored in Educational Ministries and obtained a teaching degree in elementary education. Her last job, before motherhood, was an assistant middle school pastor at a local church in Salem, Ore. She has always been a very relational person and enjoys getting to know people and finding out what they’re all about. She loves to do anything active, especially when it involves outdoors. Often times Becca feel very normal but want to live extraordinarily. Find out more about Becca and the ChickChat team at www.chickchatpodcast.com.


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