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Local Church Cancels Sunday Services


Faith in Action Participation Guides Local Christians Toward Greater Outward Focus

While cancelling church on Sunday might seem like a radical move, that is exactly what the leaders of Lakepoint Community Church will do on October 11, 2009.

Spurred by a new, national community service campaign, Lakepoint is participating in Faith in Action (FIA), a groundbreaking four-week ministry that invites Christians to mobilize and “Be the Church,” by practicing their faith in a way that uniquely serves their immediate community.

150 members of Lakepoint Community Church will offer the following FREE services to the community of Keizer:

• Childhood vaccinations
• Haircuts
• 1,000 free lunches
• Health Clinic
• Clothing/food/school supplies
• Career Counseling
• KidZone Activity Center
• Pet Clinic
• Concerts
• Bike Repair
• Family Photos

“Faith in Action is helping us transform our congregation into a church that is motivated to help our community and strive to grow in Jesus’ image,” said Pastor Tom Fox of Lakepoint. “A church that puts its faith into action focuses not on itself, but living out Christ’s teaching and his divine example of compassion.”

Sponsored by three leading Christian organizations, World Vision, Outreach and Zondervan, FIA culminates in a community outreach Sunday where regular services are cancelled and the entire congregation engages in service projects in, and with, the community. The program also helps Christians invite members of their community to join in serving.

Additional information can be found at or by contacting Rachel Taylor at 503.428.3141 or



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The I Heart Revolution Documentary

For 3 Years, Hillsong United traveled with a documentary and production team to record the worship experiences, culture, and history of young people around six major regions of the world. WITH HEARTS AS ONE was released in 2008. WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER the eagerly awaited documentary is about the movement, a call-to-action. It’s about you, and how you can get involved.

When: Wednesday, November 4, 2009 at 8PM PST
Where: Regal Cinemas / Lloyd Center 10 / Portland, OR (Click here for other theaters)
Tickets: Click here to purchase tickets
Group Sales: Click here for group sales

“We’re All in this Together”- Part apologetic, part documentary, part call to action, the film is a story made up of many stories, told by many voices, no individual voice any more or any less important than any other, yet every voice working together to ultimately tell the ONE story – A story that involves everyONE; that seeks to capture our collective and idiosyncratic purpose in ONE.

And so… WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER will officially be launched this November. We’re taking it into cinemas for ONE night only – our prayer; that the Church across the earth would rally together and do whatever it takes to see as many people as possible gather at the same time in cinemas everywhere and be stirred and inspired by the message of Christ, to ultimately work closer together in seeing the real needs of humanity collide with a love that can only be found in God who by definition – IS Love.

W.A.I.T.T. isn’t for a second about Hillsong UNITED.. It doesn’t serve to document the music and the adventurous nature of travel, nor has it been designed even to quench our thirst to be entertained.. This is ultimately about YOU – It’s about all of us.. And so our hope is that we would ALL get behind it.. We never had a big budget.. No corporate sponsorship or professional help.. It has been pulled together by a small team of incredibly selfless and dedicated people who have tirelessly given of themselves and persevered to make it a reality.. And our prayer is that we all as individuals would play our part and take it upon ourselves to see as many of our friends, youth, churches mobilised to be a part of this event. It has the potential to be HUGE!! – READ MORE

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Women of Faith Brings Hope to Women

With families across the nation struggling, facing economic hard times and dealing with over 2.6 Million job losses in 2008 and record home foreclosures which skyrocketed 81% in 2008 (1 in every 54 housing units in the U.S.), women are under more pressure than ever before. With the weight of the world on their shoulders they are being stretched to make ends meet to keep a roof over their families’ heads as they juggle jobs and children. In these challenging times, they are turning to the Nation’s Largest Live Event for Women, which has attracted more than 4 Million women from across the country and which focuses on providing women with hope and inspiration.

Women of Faith’s Spring 2009 Tour A GRAND NEW DAY will hit Portland on October 9-10 at the Rose Garden Arena – where nearly 12,000 women are expected to gather from Portland and the surrounding areas for a much-needed opportunity to connect and be inspired as a diverse array of musical artists, authors, and performers take the stage in a weekend designed to offer them renewed strength and hope as they forge ahead. The Women of Faith event will bring together thousands of women in the nation’s largest experience connecting women from all walks of life in a deep and meaningful way – focused on helping them thrive in the face of the real, shared challenges they confront every day.

Independent studies by Harvard Medical School and UCLA both confirm that women who have more female friends in whom they can confide are less likely to develop health problems as they age, take less time to recover from trauma, and lower their risk of early death. According to Harvard Medical School, not having close friends (or confidantes), could be as detrimental to a woman’s health as smoking or obesity. Numerous experts recommend female friendship as a stress reducer – essential in this Recession when women are facing high levels of stress at work and at home. A recent UCLA study revealed that when women connect with other women, they release oxytocin – a hormone that counteracts stress and produces a calming effect.

The women who mentor and lead the events as speakers also embody the deep female connections forged at the events as many have been friends and colleagues for 14 years on the Women of Faith tour criss-crossing the nation together for over a decade and supporting each other through life’s ups and downs. The friendships of a few speakers span nearly three decades.

The Portland event will feature a diverse line-up of musical artists, speakers and special guests, including Lisa Whelchel from TV’s popular show “Facts of Life,” acclaimed music artist Sandi Patty, and Nicole C. Mullen, music artist and 8-time Dove award winner.

Throughout the 2-day event, women join together to experience music, comedy, drama and inspirational stories that leave a powerful, lasting mark on the lives of the women who participate. Women of Faith has been going strong since 1996 and has a proven track record as the Nation’s Largest Women’s Conference. Registrations sell quickly and well in advance of the event. They are available and can be ordered on or by calling 888-49-FAITH.

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It’s Not About Me

Last month I spent an evening with my family at the Oregon State Fair – the pentacle of summer-time entertainment for the city of Salem.

There I was – walking the promenade with my beautiful wife of nine years, my three and a half year old son, and my six month old daughter – so much to do and so much of Oregon ’s goodness to enjoy.

I have gone to the Oregon State Fair every year since I can remember and it may be weird, but I really love it. I love the scones, the elephant ears, the art and photography exhibits, the World’s Largest Pig, Horse, and Alligator, the traveling shows, the free concerts, the Carnies, the 12” tall ice cream cones, the smell of the cow barn, the 4H kids, and the weird people with the Britney Spears’ headset-style microphones trying to sell you the latest knife set. Did I mention the scones?

From the moment we walked through the Yellow Gate, my son had two things on his mind: rides and games. We were starving and we knew that we had to eat something before we made our way to the ride and game area because once we got there, there would be no turning back.

So we ate our food and, distracting our son with pop and candy, tried to look at a few of the cool grown-up exhibits. But that’s when it happened.

Somewhere between the Fuzzy Magic Worm and the Obama ’08 booth, my six month old daughter let it rip. The only way I could stop her from being fussy was to have her ride on my shoulders through the exhibits. So with her head directly above mine, she puked all over me. Not just a little bit on my head or my shirt, but all over me!

That’s when I realized that this year there would be no hypnotist show, no French bread pizza, no hot-tub clearance sales, no baby pigs, no free hats from Toyota , and possibly no scones. My wife and I would have to sacrifice all that we love about the Oregon State Fair and make a B-Line over to the rides and the games before all parenting control would be lost.

So we did just that. And once my son realized that we were there amongst the over-priced rides and the scandalous games his face shown with glorious joy. This is what, for so long, he had been waiting for.

My son enjoyed every second of the canoe ride. He cherished every moment of the Indiana Jones’ish obstacle course. And for him – it was as if his life were complete as he whooshed up and down on the bouncing bus. Every ounce of his three year old life was revealed as he shot water into a clown’s mouth and caught plastic octopuses with a fishing pole. And my six month old daughter beamed from ear to ear as she watched the lights of the promenade flash off and on, and her big brother laughing with excitement as he went from ride to ride.

After all of the previous stress caused by my son’s anticipation and my daughter’s puking incident, my wife and I were at peace. We were at peace because life, for that moment, was balanced and where it should be.

That’s when I realized that THIS (this life of mine) IS NOT ABOUT ME anymore. It’s not about me eating scones or watching two grown men mix comedy and professional juggling. It’s about making sure that my kids are loved, safe, and are enjoying life. It’s about doing what Jesus spoke of: ‘Loving my neighbor as I love myself ‘and ‘loving God with all that I’ve got.’

Sadly, today, in American Culture and equally in Christian Culture; life has become all about ME: What will make ME feel good? What will make ME more money? What will make people like ME more? What ministry will make ME look more important? What will make ME holier than my neighbor? How can I get God to bless ME with more Spiritual Gifts?

But Scripture centers us back to where we are supposed to be – life being all about GOD. Take the Bible’s very first verse for example; “In the beginning GOD created the heavens and the earth.” This story is about GOD, not about ME.

As the Scriptures culminate in the book of Revelation, we see a beautiful picture of all things restored, balanced, and where they should be. “After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands. And they cried out in a loud voice: “Salvation belongs to our God, who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb.”

These were people from all over the world with their focus, not on themselves, but on God.
And just like my wife and I at the Oregon State Fair, we must come to the realization that life is balanced and where it should be when the focus is not on us, but when the focus is on HIM. And when the focus is on HIM, He sets it on others as well.

What if there were enormous banners lining the walls of your church’s sanctuary that said “THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU”? Would that change the way you worshipped? What if your alarm clock woke you up every morning with the words,” THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU”? Would that make getting ready in the morning any easier? What if every bill board you passed on the street said, “THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU”? Would that change the way you drove? What if the thought, “THIS IS NOT ABOUT ME” passed through your brain throughout the day? Would that change the way you lived? Would that help you shift the focus off of YOU and onto HIM? Would that help you pay attention to the needs of those around you?

Think about it – this is not about you.


Anthony Trask is the husband of one wife and the father of two children. He currently spends his time with over 50 international high school boys as a dean at an international boarding school in Southern Oregon. You can check out his blog and listen to some of his teachings at

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September Events

September 2-3

THE EXTREME TOUR will start on Sept 2 and run through Sept 3rd. The Extreme Tour is an outreach program for at risk youth. The tour will consist of many bands some of which include: My Second Chance, Prophet X, Fatal Formality, Altar’d, 15 North, Die to Yourself, Radical Classical, The Luminous, Last Day Lost, and Kennebec. For more information, call 503-851-6711 or visit

September 5-7

The 36th Annual Sublimity HARVEST FEST starts on Sept 5th and runs through Sept 7th. Monster trucks, tractor, truck and draft horse pulling competition, and more. Great music from 5 Guys Named Moe, Joe Stoddard, Cool Conspiracy, Brian Hanson and Carrie Cunningham. For more information call 503.769.3579 or visit

September 11-14

OKTOBERFEST, Oregon’s largest folk festival, held in Mount Angel will start Sept 11 and run through Sept 14. Admission is free so bring a friend. Enjoy your day with the traditional Bavarian food, lots of Oktoberfest sausage, a sports program, large arts and crafts show, a care show and more. For more info call 503-845-6882 or visit

September 14

Salem First Church of the Nazarene will host its 8th annual NEIGHBORHOOD BLOCK PARTY on Sunday, September 14 from 12:30 to 3pm. Salem Nazarene is located at 1550 Market St in Salem. You can call the church office at 503-581-3680 for more information of you can visit their website at

September 20

The Seventh Annual RUN, WALK RIDE FOR HABITAT to benefit McMinnville Habitat for Humanity will take place on Sept 20. Help us reach their goal of raising over $25,000. Proceeds go to offering affordable home ownership to families. The first 350 pre-registrants get a free bag and t-shirt. For more info call 503-472-9637 or visit

September 24

SEE YOU AT THE POLE (SYATP), a student-initiated, led and organized event, will take place on Sept 24 starting at 7am at local middle schools, high schools and college flagpoles. Students are encouraged to pray for their school, friends, teachers, government, and their nation. To find out more about SYATP call 817-447-7526 or visit

September 28

Indulge Day Spa’s GRAND OPENING EVENT will be on Sunday, Sept 28 from 1-4pm. Enjoy a tour of their beautiful facility and select a free service (eyebrow wax, chair massage or polish). You can also enter to win door prizes and enjoy special discounts on retail items and services scheduled. For more info call 503-364-3608 or visit

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August Events

August 6-9

The 13th Annual TOM FEST of Christian/Indie bands, will start on August 6th and run through August 9th at the Lacamas Conference Center, 2025 N.E. Goodwin Road in Camas, Washington. Bands include MXPX, Falling Up, The Myriad, Dizmas, Generation Unleashed, and much more. For more information, check out their website –

August 8

Salem House of Prayer is launching night and day prayer in the capitol city of Salem with their Day of Worship event starting at 6pm at Carousel Park on the waterfront in Salem. Bring your friends and family and come be a part of seeing history made. You can find out more about the event on their website at

August 15-17

Freedom Fest is Western Washington’s largest annual Christian music festival. It starts on August 15th and goes through August 17th. Freedom Fest is held at Stocker Farms in Snohomish, Washington. Such bands taking the stage are KJ-52, Braille, Worth Dying For, Everyday Sunday and many others. For more information visit

August 22-Sept 1

Salem hosts the Oregon State Fair beginning August 22 and running until September 1. The state fair dates back 147 years. After the first successful fair ended in 1861, they decided to move the fair to Salem in 1862, to its now current location. You won’t want to miss this year’s fair. Tickets available in advance on their website at

August 23

Sweet Home Community Chapel is hosting Aaron Shust in concert with Jeremy Riddle and Everyday Sunday. The Ames Creek Amphitheater is located at 42250 Ames Creek Road in Sweet Home. Concert starts at 5pm To purchase tickets in advance or for bulk rate, call 541-367-5106 or visit their website at

August 24

See Evan Wickham in concert on Sunday, August 24 at Southwest Bible Church at 6pm in Beaverton on 14605 SW Weir Road. Evan is an ordained minister who serves as a Worship Pastor at Horizon Christian Fellowship in San Diego, CA, while also ministering in music and speaking worldwide. Call the church for more information at 503-524-7000.

August 30

Street Praise Festival will be held at Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland on August 30 starting at Noon and going to 5:30pm Street Praise will feature local music from Michael Avery, Contrete Evangelist, Encomium, and Kylie Jean as well as Face Painting, Puppets and much more. Contact Steve Eskridge at 206-234-7859 or visit

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