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Faith Healer or Fortune Stealer?

Last week, ABC News interviewed evangelist Benny Hinn on their Faith Matters series. If you haven’t seen the interview, you can view it above. You can also read the article online at

Just today, we received an email from one of our readers who shared their thoughts on the interview:

I have never been an advocate for Benny Hinn. I believe that he elevates healing of the physical body and human emotional response to spiritual stimulus above the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ultimately he gives a bad name to Christians and his elaborate fundraising and spending habits don’t seem to help any. But I have to be honest, I felt sorry for Hinn as I watched this interview.

First of all Dan Harris of ABC’s Nightline did not walk into the interview as a true journalist. He was skeptical and arrogant from the beginning. He had automatically discounted anything (including healing) that Benny Hinn stood for before he started the interview – that was very evident and lacked journalism integrity.

Second (and the highlight of the interview), Hinn’s publicist badgers Harris from the sidelines and tries to prevent Hinn from answering questions that Harris wanted to address. It is almost as if Hinn has a force of people controlling him from behind the scenes in order to protect the financial empire he has built. And it appears that Hinn has grown tired of it.

The substance of the interview which was most disturbing, however, was Hinn’s total defense of his elaborate lifestyle – including the fact that he flies in a private jet paid for by the donations of his followers. At one point Hinn made a preposterous statement,” Every man of God I know today has a nice house.” He said it’s a tool that must be used in order to minister in the culture we find ourselves in. I don’t have a nice house. Does this mean I’m not a “man of God?”

The bottom line is that when prosperity and spiritual-feeding-frenzies become the focus of anything, Jesus is never lifted up.

We know you have an opinion. What are your thoughts on the interview?


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Skid Row is Holyground

Recently we came across a great online video magazine called Enoch Magazine. It intrigued us. So we decided to find out more. After finding out more about them, the more we liked them and their vision. Here is an interview we recently had with Nate Smith, Managing Editor of Enoch Magazine.

Tell us a little about Enoch Magazine. What is it? And why is it?

Enoch Magazine is a non profit media movement that exists online. We travel and film documentaries that show God’s glory in unique and different ways. We also interview bands, have dj mixes, articles, and more. Our big focuses are the homeless and finding out what people’s perception of Jesus is. We started Enoch because we were frustrated with a lot of the Christian Media available out there. It seemed so much of it was living in the Christian bubble and it was frustrating. We wanted to take a different angle. We wanted to find people who are truly serving God but their not famous or anybody special and document that.

What obsticles do you face with running the magazine?

Well honestly finances and time. Its hard to fund all of our trips when we give all our content away for free. That’s ok though. Look in the Bible and never once did they charge to hear Jesus speak or did the disciples ever ask to be paid. We live in an age where we are constantly being bombarded by the digital and print world. If you don’t have a lot of money than you can’t advertise or if you don’t have a lot of time to post your content all over the internet people might not find it. I still work a part time to help fund trips and its hard sometimes to find a good balance.

How has Enoch challenged your faith?

That’s a great question. It seems with Enoch I take it a day at time. Most of the time you don’t know who is reading the articles or watching the videos so you can’t directly see God working. It’s made me remember that in faith God is always behind the scenes and always working and many people don’t give him the credit he deserves. Its made me grow in my trust in finances. We are moving our magazine to Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles and I have no money and barely enough to cover the gas to get there but I am trusting God a day at a time. It makes me realize he will take care of me. It sounds cliché but he seems to always come through. I definitely have thrown in all my cards with God so I have no choice but to be faithful.

Tell us more about the documentary Skid Row is Holyground that you guys created a few months ago.

A little over a year and a half ago my partner in the magazine Carter Theis wanted to go to a place he was scared of and see God show up. He wanted to go to Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles and film a documentary about what the need was there. For those of you who don’t know Skid Row is a 9 by 9 block in Downtown Los Angeles where they estimate 15,000 to 20,000 homeless people are living. For us it was about also growing in faith and trusting that the Lord would protect us in what is considered one of the most dangerous places in the United States. That was out first trip and we’ve been back 4 times since then. Over the last year and a half we have released a series of videos called Skid Row is Holyground on the Enoch Web Site. We hope to eventually put out a DVD of our whole experience. We are moving there in a few weeks and we will putting out weekly videos on the Enoch Magazine site and also on

Enoch is moving their headquarters to Skid Row in LA. Why the move and how did the passion develop within you guys for one of the most dangerous communities in California?

Every time we were out there on the streets we hated leaving after we had connected with that community. By just making videos we felt we were not doing enough. We wanted to be down there every day truly making a difference. So, after a few trips we decided that we should move Enoch Magazine to Skid Row. There is never a dull day on Skid Row. It’s exciting! There are so many ministry opportunities down there too. You can do anything from Street Evangelism to music to feeding to discipleship and so much more.

What are some of the needs you are facing?

Well our number one need right now is finances. We have partnered with a ministry called the Jonah Project ( and we are in the process of buying a building on Skid Row. This building will not only serve as the Enoch Magazine Headquarters but also as a place that will be open for the homeless everyday. They will be able to get fed, get new clothes, go to bible studies and services on Sundays. We also want to have a place to throw concerts that are specficially for the homeless. This building will also be a place that mission groups can come and serve and stay. We want people to come to Skid Row and have the same experience we had on our first few trips. We actually have a website for the building called

How can people connect with you?

People can connect with us by going to or You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace or email us at

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SONSOFDAY Latest Album "Autumn Heart"

SONSOFDAY is not your typical Christian band. The four-piece alternative rock group based out of Portland, Oregon, is unique, and their story reads more like a screenplay than a typical band bio. They immigrated from Ukraine to the United States in 1992 in pursuit of a better life and religious freedom, which Ukraine was only just beginning to experience after.

The four Belonozhko brothers make up SONSOFDAY, the Red Hammer Records band now traveling the country to promote their debut album Fragile People, which is now in stores. The quartet is comprised of Vlad, age 21, on vocals and guitar; Roman, age 24, on lead guitar; Bogdan, age 19, on drums; and Scott, age 17, on bass… Read More

“…a remarkable band that displays the best of what Christian music has to offer.” — Read Full Article

SONSOFDAY wants to give you a chance to not just pre-order the new album but be a part of it. When you pre-order the new album, your photo and name will be included in the album artwork booklet and you’ll receive a signed copy of “Autumn Heart” before it’s release date, October 12th 2009.

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Hey God, I Have a Question

The fine folks of Lighthouse Christian Fellowship in Chula Vista, California have come up with this clever little video. They have set out to ask the everyone: “If you could ask God one question, what would it be?”

Take a minute, watch the video, and then leave us a comment with the one question you’d like to ask God.


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