What Kind of Coffee Are You?

Just a few minutes ago, I was eating lunch at a local coffeehouse / deli when a man came in, looked at the board, and became quite perplexed. He wanted coffee but had no clue what to order. The waitress started rattling off what seemed, to this poor ol’ guy, like gibberish. After placing his simple order he turned and looked at me and said, “Coffee is too complicated.” To which I replied, “That’s why I drink tea.”

But we’re complex people right? And complex people require complicated things. So, being the complex person you are, what sort of coffee concoction do you best relate yourself to … and, of course, why?



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4 responses to “What Kind of Coffee Are You?

  1. Alex

    haha, did you really drink tea? good job Bo 🙂
    however if you would see tea selection at my house, you would stare even longer… so tea is complicated too 🙂

    I am white "silver needle" tea :o), not coffe at all

  2. I am a Passion Tea Lemonade. Here's why:

    Passion: I like to think I have it
    Tea: Last name is "Thomas"
    Lemonade: Sometimes I can be sour (just ask my wife).

  3. some South American coffee in the french press. Gets me every time.

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