Faith Healer or Fortune Stealer?

Last week, ABC News interviewed evangelist Benny Hinn on their Faith Matters series. If you haven’t seen the interview, you can view it above. You can also read the article online at

Just today, we received an email from one of our readers who shared their thoughts on the interview:

I have never been an advocate for Benny Hinn. I believe that he elevates healing of the physical body and human emotional response to spiritual stimulus above the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ultimately he gives a bad name to Christians and his elaborate fundraising and spending habits don’t seem to help any. But I have to be honest, I felt sorry for Hinn as I watched this interview.

First of all Dan Harris of ABC’s Nightline did not walk into the interview as a true journalist. He was skeptical and arrogant from the beginning. He had automatically discounted anything (including healing) that Benny Hinn stood for before he started the interview – that was very evident and lacked journalism integrity.

Second (and the highlight of the interview), Hinn’s publicist badgers Harris from the sidelines and tries to prevent Hinn from answering questions that Harris wanted to address. It is almost as if Hinn has a force of people controlling him from behind the scenes in order to protect the financial empire he has built. And it appears that Hinn has grown tired of it.

The substance of the interview which was most disturbing, however, was Hinn’s total defense of his elaborate lifestyle – including the fact that he flies in a private jet paid for by the donations of his followers. At one point Hinn made a preposterous statement,” Every man of God I know today has a nice house.” He said it’s a tool that must be used in order to minister in the culture we find ourselves in. I don’t have a nice house. Does this mean I’m not a “man of God?”

The bottom line is that when prosperity and spiritual-feeding-frenzies become the focus of anything, Jesus is never lifted up.

We know you have an opinion. What are your thoughts on the interview?



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2 responses to “Faith Healer or Fortune Stealer?

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  2. A few years ago I actually stated watching and listening to Hinn without predisposition and an openness to actually believe what was going on. In that time I found myself to be very surprised by what the ministry is doing over all. He actually has teaching ministry in addition to This Is Your Day, which is actually quite insightful. It took a lot of humility for me to come to accept prosperity teaching and healing and the like.

    I think the problem that exists in those circles is the same that exists in all circles of biblical teaching – group think. It's not that they are wrong, it's that a certain aspect of Scripture is opened up to them and they keep digging in that one direction and expect every other believer to be the same. Though I definitely have preferences for a different style of ministry, I come to understand that not all ministries need or should look the same.

    Honestly, there probably are tons of churches who don't give enough to a pastor and don't have a pastor that tells them that in doing so they are falling short of what God desires for them. In God's eyes that's just as bad as.

    One last example which I believe shows where his heart really rests:
    On one show a woman got healed and on stage he asked if she would like to receive Jesus Christ as her savior since He brought her the healing and she said "no." Understand that every other time I've seen this people said "yes." He was visibly taken back by her answer and asked again. And she responded the same again.

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