Local Church Cancels Sunday Services


Faith in Action Participation Guides Local Christians Toward Greater Outward Focus

While cancelling church on Sunday might seem like a radical move, that is exactly what the leaders of Lakepoint Community Church will do on October 11, 2009.

Spurred by a new, national community service campaign, Lakepoint is participating in Faith in Action (FIA), a groundbreaking four-week ministry that invites Christians to mobilize and “Be the Church,” by practicing their faith in a way that uniquely serves their immediate community.

150 members of Lakepoint Community Church will offer the following FREE services to the community of Keizer:

• Childhood vaccinations
• Haircuts
• 1,000 free lunches
• Health Clinic
• Clothing/food/school supplies
• Career Counseling
• KidZone Activity Center
• Pet Clinic
• Concerts
• Bike Repair
• Family Photos

“Faith in Action is helping us transform our congregation into a church that is motivated to help our community and strive to grow in Jesus’ image,” said Pastor Tom Fox of Lakepoint. “A church that puts its faith into action focuses not on itself, but living out Christ’s teaching and his divine example of compassion.”

Sponsored by three leading Christian organizations, World Vision, Outreach and Zondervan, FIA culminates in a community outreach Sunday where regular services are cancelled and the entire congregation engages in service projects in, and with, the community. The program also helps Christians invite members of their community to join in serving.

Additional information can be found at www.lakepoint.net or by contacting Rachel Taylor at 503.428.3141 or lakepoint@lakepoint.net.



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2 responses to “Local Church Cancels Sunday Services

  1. AJ Newcomb

    I think to about time that we the church step out of our boxes and reach the lost! It great to hear other churches are trying to make a difference in the community. AJ

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