Rethink Women

Thanks for visiting the page for our special issue of Rethink Women, a one-time publication brought to you by us (Rethink Monthly).

Please click here to view the magazine online. You can also read the articles in this issue by clicking on the appropriate links below.

Also, feel free to leave your thoughts about the publication in the comments section below.


A Chick With A Mission
An interview with Becca Wells, founder and brains behind an all new podcast that’s all things girl

Finding Jesus
An article by Hannah Neumann

I Heart Dream Center
An article by Lindsay Blackman

Answers for Darwin
An event coming to Portland, Ore.

Now Is The Time To Go
A Local Salem Girl Steps Up And Steps Out: The Story of Bethany O’Connor

The Power of the Spoken Word
An article by Renee’ Marie LaRochelle Oviatt

No Room For Fear
An article by Josephine Turnbeck


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