SONSOFDAY Latest Album "Autumn Heart"

SONSOFDAY is not your typical Christian band. The four-piece alternative rock group based out of Portland, Oregon, is unique, and their story reads more like a screenplay than a typical band bio. They immigrated from Ukraine to the United States in 1992 in pursuit of a better life and religious freedom, which Ukraine was only just beginning to experience after.

The four Belonozhko brothers make up SONSOFDAY, the Red Hammer Records band now traveling the country to promote their debut album Fragile People, which is now in stores. The quartet is comprised of Vlad, age 21, on vocals and guitar; Roman, age 24, on lead guitar; Bogdan, age 19, on drums; and Scott, age 17, on bass… Read More

“…a remarkable band that displays the best of what Christian music has to offer.” — Read Full Article

SONSOFDAY wants to give you a chance to not just pre-order the new album but be a part of it. When you pre-order the new album, your photo and name will be included in the album artwork booklet and you’ll receive a signed copy of “Autumn Heart” before it’s release date, October 12th 2009.


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