Hey God, I Have a Question

The fine folks of Lighthouse Christian Fellowship in Chula Vista, California have come up with this clever little video. They have set out to ask the everyone: “If you could ask God one question, what would it be?”

Take a minute, watch the video, and then leave us a comment with the one question you’d like to ask God.



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4 responses to “Hey God, I Have a Question

  1. brandon

    When can I check out of this place?
    Tired and want to go home.

  2. brandon

    now how to get rid of that picture

  3. Thanks for picking this up! We’re getting an amazing response. We’ve tried to be creative and relevant in our approaches to sermon series in the past, but I think this particular series is really making waves.

  4. Simeon

    Awesome video.  It’s about time we got out where the people are and find out what everyone is thinking.  The church has become so isolated behind the walls of a building they do not have the pulse of the world.  This is a huge step to change that.  Thank you.

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