Petition: Bring Stryper to Salem



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3 responses to “Petition: Bring Stryper to Salem

  1. Bill

    bring them to Salem Oregon

  2. admin

    For some reason, our form is not including comments, so I thought that I’d include them on this reply.

    Joshua Lindley says “STRYPER is awesome! To hell with the devil!”

    Randy says “I proposed to my wife with a song from Stryper … she said yes.”

    John Fehlen says “West Salem Foursquare Church – occupancy of 800 – we are offering our venue – free of charge.”

    Katie Pike says “To hell with the devil.”

    Judy Manske says “I would love to see Stryper in Salem! I still love there music, and believe this would be a really awesome outreach for Salem!”

    Pete Schwager says “Even though I won’t get to see them, i still think they’re awesome. Bring Stryper everywhere around the globe!”

    Josiah says “I live in Windsor, CA but I used to live in Portland, so I qualify as a local!”

    erik w/a k says “Honestly! U gotta come”

    salem man says “good to hear they’re still around.”

    Jake says “Bring it on!”

    **Don’t forget to log on to your email and click the confirmation link**

  3. Craig Oviatt

    This is a if you build it, they will come kind of thing. Well lets all work to build the event! Get the word out.

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