The Model T of the 21st Century

“Great Scott!” First came Doc Brown, the wacky scientist who invented the flux capacitor (a device which makes time travel possible) after slipping off his toilet and bumping his head.

We all secretly fell in love with his time-traveling DeLorean in Back to the Future – begging our moms and dads to buy us one for Christmas.

But now we say, “Move over Doc, we’ve got something more practical.” And it’s something that we don’t want to keep a secret.

Some might say that Mark Murphy, designer and inventor of the BugE, is equally as wacky as Doc Brown for creating such a vehicle but we think he’s an eco-friendly, gas-saving genius.

The BugE – a street-legal electric vehicle that carries one person comfortably in its aerodynamic design – costs about one cent per mile. And with gas at an all-time high, never having to go to the pump again is sounding sweeter and sweeter.

“People are looking to downgrade,” Mark told us, “and these Geo Metro-type vehicles – which previously couldn’t be sold – are now worth their weight in gold. So, in this next generation, people will be looking to the electric vehicle.”

We couldn’t agree more. And costing less than $6000, we just might ask mom and dad for something new this year.


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