September Cover of Rethink Monthly

After several attempts at the first cover, we have come up with something I think all people can enjoy.

What do you think?

Would you pick it up?

Craig Gross is the founder of, a ministry geared to helping people get free from the grip of pornography. His ministry has helped several porn stars get out of the multi-billion dollar porn industry. They have received quite the amount of criticism from both the Christian and non-Christian realms. But one thing remains true, regardless of which end you find yourself on, God is using this man to do what most people can’t (or won’t) do: reach the lonely, the hurting and the dying – right where they are.



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2 responses to “September Cover of Rethink Monthly

  1. Love the cover! It is very provocative and I am sure it will draw in plenty of curious minds…

    Interesting topic too!

  2. I love the cover. Craig Gross is an interesting looking being and the title is definitely grabbing. I would pick it up in a heart beat. It is also simple and clean.

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